The Utah Foodie is a weekly radio show and podcast that tells the untold stories behind our thriving local food scene.

The food business is tough. Most don’t realize that 8 in 10 restaurants fail in their first 18 months. The margins are razor thin, it’s competitive, and diners are overly-critical on review sites like Yelp. To go into this business by choice, you’d have to be crazy. That… or incredibly passionate, filled with a love for the craft, an ambition to succeed against the odds, and a laser-like focus on providing a great culinary experience.

Each week, we help our listeners discover their local food scene through weekly episodes where we interview the top chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs around the state of Utah.

The Utah Foodie is a local and independent podcast founded by Chase Murdock, and produced by Ryan Samanka. Keni Nelson manages our website, social media, and marketing. The program is heard by over 10,000 monthly listeners through iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio, 90.9fm KRCL Listeners Community Radio of Utah, and theutahfoodie.com.



Chase Murdock, The Utah Foodie

Chase Murdock, Host & Exec Producer

Ryan Samanka, The Utah Foodie

Ryan Samanka, Producer

Keni Nelson, The Utah Foodie

Keni Nelson, Marketing Director & Co-host