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Episode #71: The Rose Establishment – Bloom Where You Are Planted

Coffee shops have taken on a very important social role in communities. They facilitate local art, local food and beverage vendors, and serve as warm and quiet places for people to work, collaborate, and gather. However, the social aspect has lessoned as coffee shops have more and more evolved into places of work. The Rose Establishment, however, wanted to bring the social back to the equation.

Episode #69: Argentina’s Best Empanadas – Shaping Salt Lake City One Empanada At A Time

Ana Valdemoros grew up surrounded by food. Whether it was a family meal, a get-together with friends, or a neighborhood gathering, food was a staple. Ana was raised in Argentina, a country that blends Italian and regional Argentinian cuisines to create simple, hearty, flavorful meals that always draw from local ingredients. When Ana moved to Salt Lake City for college in 2000, it quickly became apparent that Utah was in dire need of an authentic Argentina experience.

Episode #68: Tin Angel Cafe – Where Art And Food Create Community

There are many motivations to enter the restaurant business. Maybe you love to cook and are looking for a culinary challenge. Or possibly you are a competitive person who is looking for a creative entrepreneurial challenge. But some people just want to create a community. For Kestrel and Jerry K Leidtke Jr., community was the most important part of all.

The Tin Angel name comes from very fun, but humble, beginnings. The original Tin Angel was founded by Jerry’s father in 1962, and served as a bar in the downtown area. However, Tin Angel quickly became a LGBTQ hotspot and hosted weekly drag shows. It became a cultural hotspot and served as the first gay/drag bar west of the Mississippi. Even though the bar closed, the name lived on as a community beacon bursting with art and inclusivity.

While Kestrel and Jerry have worked in the food industry for years, they always dreamed of creating something of their own that was more than just food. They wanted a space for artists, for a community to gather. They wanted to support local vendors and create an experience. When Kestrel stumbled upon a building owner putting up a “For Rent” sign, they instantly knew that their opportunity to create something of their own had arrived.

In 2007, Tin Angel opened its doors. Bursting with local art, Tin Angel is an eclectic space that offers local, seasonal, varied foods that pay tribute to the community while also taking a creative twist with familiar favorites. Join us as we hear the story of Kestrel and Jerry, and learn more about this community staple that is standing firm with the ever changing Pioneer Park area.

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This episode was hosted by Chase Murdock and produced by Ryan Samanka. For more information or to browse our episode archive, visit or follow us onFacebook, Instagram, orTwitter. See you next week!

Episode #67: Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen – The Flavor Is In The Details

Utah is experiencing a food diversification. No longer must we settle for chain restaurants, or the same three cuisines over and over again. With our expanding food scene comes more options for consumers, better quality food, and a large variety of options for those who have specific dietary needs. Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen truly highlights how this expansion is not only benefiting the vegan, vegetarian, and diet-conscious consumers, but entire neighborhoods. Because who doesn’t want affordable, local, from-scratch food?

Episode #66: Amanda Rock and The Vegan Takeover

There’s been a re-veganing. Our podcast serves many purposes, but our biggest priority is to educate and surprise Utahns with our growing and diverse food scene. And nowhere is that more apparent than this episode where we not only surprise you with the bountiful vegan and vegetarian options in our community, but also surprise you with super special guest host, Amanda Rock!

Episode #65: Epic Brewing Company – Packaging Experiences In A Bottle

When Epic Brewing Company opened their doors in 2010 they offered a unique craft beer that was a little hard to find in other areas in the state. They sold a high alcohol content beer in 220z bottles, and were empowered by new liquor laws that allowed them to sell product directly from the brewery. Their goal then, and still today, was to turn craft brewing on its head. And indeed they have.

Episode #64: Pig & A Jelly Jar – Southern Charm Served Up Hot And Fresh (And Local)

There’s something about Southern cooking that evokes the memories of warm feelings, lazy afternoons, and cool summer nights. Southern cuisine is all about sharing and comfort, and the focus on family is dominant. While Utah doesn’t necessarily have the same kind of charm as the South, we definitely have the same love for family and large, traditional meals. For Amy Britt, the desire to bring her childhood experience to Utah complimented our community perfectly.

Episode #63: Bruges Waffles and Frites – Share the Fun, Waffles, and Frites

Take a deep breath, and picture yourself sitting at a table in the morning. It’s time for breakfast. What is on the plate in front of you? Waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, maybe some fresh fruit? Now imagine lunch. Probably looks a little different, huh? For those obsessed with the finer things in life (waffles), that doesn’t have to be the case. Especially if Pierre Vandamme has anything to say about it.