#71: The Rose Establishment – Bloom Where You Are Planted

#71: The Rose Establishment – Bloom Where You Are Planted

Coffee shops have taken on a very important social role in communities. They facilitate local art, local food and beverage vendors, and serve as warm and quiet places for people to work, collaborate, and gather. However, the social aspect has lessoned as coffee shops have more and more evolved into places of work. The Rose Establishment, however, wanted to bring the social back to the equation.

The Utah Foodie Reheated: The Future Of Chocolate Is In... Utah?

The Utah Foodie Reheated: The Future Of Chocolate Is In... Utah?

If we were to ask you what the artisan chocolate capital of the United States was, what would you guess? New York? Los Angeles? Well, since this is called The Utah Foodie, you would be correct in guessing that Utah is the craft chocolate hotspot of the country. The folks at Saveur seem to think so, and we’re very much inclined to agree.

The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey

The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey

Birds chirping. The sun shining warm and bright. People outside, enjoying these summer months in the great Utah outdoors. Playing Pokemon Go to their hearts content. Summer is a magical time. Which is why we’re spending our “Summer Vacation” in the studio, putting together an exciting series that we think you’ll enjoy. While we’ll always stick with our Utah Foodie format of sitting down with incredible entrepreneurs for interviews and stories, we wanted to introduce a new series called “Utah Foodie Reheated.” These topic focused, produced episodes are an opportunity to focus in on a subject in Utah that deserves a spotlight.

#52: Publik Coffee Roasters – Good Coffee, Great Community


Third wave coffee has arrived in Salt Lake City, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With a focus on local roasting, high-quality beans, and deep and layered flavor, coffee has become more than a reheated pot of Folgers.

One of the most prominent leaders for the third wave coffee revolution is Publik Coffee. The word “Publik” is derived from the Dutch word “Community,” and the feeling of community can be found in every chair, barista, and warm piece of toast. Publik’s dedication to creating a community for coffee lovers of all backgrounds has led to an accelerated expansion into The Avenues and Ninth & Ninth.

On this week’s episode of The Utah Foodie we sit down with Alicia Pacheco, Head Chef of Publik Kitchen, Dylan Sands, Director of Coffee, and Ryan Gee, the Head Roaster of Publik Coffee Roasters. These three have helped execute the mission and vision of Missy Greis, who opened Publik’s doors in 2014. Their commitment to the community extends further than just providing a space for people to gather and collaborate. With a dedication to green energy, local partnerships, and creating a lasting relationship with established neighborhoods.

Join us as we sit down with Alicia, Dylan and Gee, and get an inside look into the history of Publik Coffee Roasters!

This episode was sponsored by…

90.9FM KRCL — Community Connection and Music Discovery

Vive Juicery — A Utah-based cold-pressed juicery

The Chocolate Conspiracy — A project in pure, raw, honey-sweetened chocolate.

Blue Copper Coffee — Specialty coffee hand-roasted in Salt Lake City, with a coffee room at 179 W 900 S.

The Yelp Elite Squad — Utah’s five-star fan club of all things local.

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#45: Watchtower Cafe – The Idea That Never Went Away


Salt Lake City has a secret. It’s full of nerds. Tabletop games, cosplaying, cons, comics, geeky podcasts. Hell, we were even voted one of the nerdiest states in the country. The amount of accessibility to various geeky interests is growing, and what was once an underground and mocked culture has risen to the top of the pop culture pile. It’s now hip to be a nerd.

For Cori Hoekstra and Mike Tuiasoa, geekdom wasn’t a trend. It was a lifestyle. With strong roots in the Salt Lake City geek community, Cori and Mike were more than aware of the communities needs. With Cori’s background in coffee houses and restaurant management, and Mike’s desire to have ownership of a project, their shared dream of having freedom to create something on their own motivated them to look for opportunities. How could they tie their comic book and literature interests into a business? How could they provide an authentic experience that rang true to who they are, and to the community they are so proudly part of?

What began as a dream very quickly took shape into Watchtower Cafe, a coffee shop that provides an encompassing experience for all coffee shop customers, but also provides a space tailored for their nerdy and geeky guests looking for a space to gather. With high-quality coffee, delicious food, and a large, comfortable space to relax, Watchtower Cafe is more than meets the eye.

Join us for this week's entertaining and inspiring episode, as we dive into the short history of Watchtower Cafe, a unique coffee/hangout/event spot that brings a unique flavor to the growing Salt Lake City coffee scene.

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#37: Millcreek Cacao Roasters – Love is in the Heirloom


Mark DelVecchio and Dana Brewster have always been curious. With Mark's background as an educator and Dana's career as the owner of Millcreek Coffee Roasters, curiosity about the world around them and the food we consume has driven their careers and passions.

When Mark's career brought them to Ethiopia, Dana's research and exploring led to cocoa beans. These delicious cocoa beans inspired Dana, and her coffee roasting background gave her an idea. With big dreams in mind, Dana and Mark dove into artisan chocolate making. What started as a challenge to develop high quality chocolate led to a passionate business that delivers internationally award winning chocolate, from heirloom certified bean growers who are locally sourced and sustainably maintained.

Join us as we learn about Mark and Dana’s fascinating backstory, and travel with them on their chocolate adventure. If there's one thing we learned, it's that love, chocolate, and a sense of adventure lead to great things.

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#34: Three Pines Coffee - Salt Lake City’s Newest Coffee Shop

A new coffee shop is coming to town, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, and they’re called Three Pines Coffee. Three Pines will be joining the ranks of a small handful of specialty coffee shops in the downtown area, where the coffee and espresso is expensive, but brewed with love from higher-quality beans and served-up by well-trained baristas who are passionate about providing a great coffee experience.

Three Pines Coffee opens in early January, next to the restaurant From Scratch, located on the south end of the Gallivan Center. It’s the passion project of Meg Frampton and Nick Price, who recently moved back to Utah after spending time in Los Angeles, before realizing that their home state of Utah would be the perfect place for their boutique coffee shop concept that would fulfill their newfound calling to run a coffee shop.
On today’s program we bring in Three Pines Coffee’s founders to talk about their inspiration for their coffee shop and what they feel they have to offer to Salt Lake City’s coffee scene. We also learn about Nick Price’s rich experience as a barista, starting humbly at Beans & Brews before working at one of LA’s most respected coffee shops, Handsome Coffee. Last year, he competed in the US Barista Championship, and on the program he shares stories from that competition and insight on what makes a great barista and how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.
Meg Frampton is a barista-in-training, but shares her love for design and her hopes for creating an atmosphere at Three Pines Coffee that attracts coffee enthusiasts and provides a great experience. Meg also tells us what we can expect when they open their doors in early January.
Tune in to learn about Salt Lake City’s newest coffee shop, Three Pines Coffee.
Three Pines Coffee
62 E Gallivan Ave, SLC
Instagram: @threepinescoffee
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#30: Karma Cafe – Good Karma, Good Food, Good People


Growing up in Southern India, Venkat was all too familiar with the power of a home-cooked meal. It was what brought family together, and was a detailed process that delivered high-quality, flavorful food that warmed the soul.

When Venkat moved to the United States to pursue graduate school, the thought of opening his own restaurant was always in the back of his mind. Though the local Utah Indian food scene was slowly growing, he felt it was missing truly authentic Southern Indian cuisine. But with an established career in the Chemistry field, the timing never felt quite right.

However, in 2014, with the perfect location in Sugar House opening up, Venkat and his wife Miriam opened Karma Cafe. Rather than focusing on creating a large menu, Venkat instead opted to embrace the home made, family style cooking that he grew up with. With only two dishes made a night, seating and portions are limited. But always, always worth it. Tied in with their delicious and specialized beverage menu, Karma Cafe is there for your weekend brunch needs, or your late night study break.

Venkat still balances his full-time job as a researcher with Karma Cafe. While this means a very busy schedule, it also means that passion flows through every area of his life.

Join us as we sit down with Venkat and Miriam, and learn more about Venkat's outstanding story.

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#24: Dolcetti Gelato - Finding love through gelato


Welcome to The Utah Foodie! On today's show, we sit down with Dolcetti Gelato, one of the cornerstones of the 9th and 9th neighborhood. Founded by Elizabeth and Mark England over ten years ago, this neighborhood staple specializes in home made, locally flavored Italian delicacies that will take your mouth on a scenic tour of the Italian countryside.

When Elizabeth and Mark began their endeavor into the food scene, Mark wanted an excuse to spend more time with Elizabeth. What better way to spend time with someone than through launching a gelato business together?

After evolving from Italian Ice, they began to explore the world of gelato. From gelato making classes to traveling through Italy to learn the local secrets, Mark and Elizabeth began a small gelato cart at Rico's Mexican Market. Selling wholesale to groups throughout the state, Dolcetti Gelato grew to the point where their own store front was a necessity.

With their beautiful and artsy location at 902 E 900 S, Elizabeth and Mark have crafted over 75 seasonal, artisan flavors of gelato that sample from local flavors such as peach, honey, and lavender, to exotic flavors such as their popular coconut sticky rice.

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#5: 3 Cups Coffee - Derek Belnap & Amber Billingsley on what it takes to open a new coffee shop.


Derek Belnap had been a barista at the Coffee Garden on 9th and 9th for almost a decade when he was approached about starting his own coffee shop. And just six short months later, he unveiled 3 Cups in Holladay with his pastry chef Amber Billingsley.

3 Cups represents everything great in a coffee shop: A beautiful atmosphere with lots of natural light. Great seating, like a long, wooden communal table, private booths, and an outdoor patio. Friendly and chipper baristas. And perhaps most importantly, great baked goods and outstanding coffee (largely coming from our friends and previous guests, Blue Copper Roasting Co).

In today's episode we chat with Derek and Amber about how they started 3 Cups, what went into their beautiful Scandinavian-inspired design, how they always hire such great baristas, how to talk a Starbucks-drinker into a pour-over, and why they put so much emphasis on their baked goods.

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#3: Blue Copper - A conversation about coffee with Patrick Andrews

In this episode we talk with Patrick Andrews, the man behind Blue Copper Roasters — a coffee roasting company that supplies the coffee and espresso beans to many high-end "third wave” coffee houses in Utah. In 2014 Blue Copper merged with No Brow Coffee and launched their new and improved Coffee Room on 179 West 900 South that offers tasting classes and a full offering of espresso and coffee drinks and baked goods.

Patrick and I talk about how Blue Copper went from a side hobby to a full-time job where he was roasting five days a week for several hours on end and serving as a large coffee retailer, roaster, and wholesaler. We talk about the importance of country of origin in coffee beans, how he feels about Starbucks, and what goes into roasting and brewing a great cup of joe.
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