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#62: Penny Ann's Cafe – From New York With Love... and Pancakes

#62: Penny Ann's Cafe – From New York With Love... and Pancakes

The three most important things in life are Family, Friends, and Food. You can determine what order those come in for you. We think our priority is pretty obvious (I still love you mom). But for the owners of Penny Ann's Cafe the love of food and family became more than just a list of priorities. It became their entire life.

#60: R&R BBQ – Competitive Fire To Smoke Your Brisket

#60: R&R BBQ – Competitive Fire To Smoke Your Brisket

When you think about BBQ, the South immediately comes to mind. It’s the birthplace of BBQ, and opinions are strong. But for Rod and Roger Livingston, the founders of R&R BBQ, BBQ was a fond memory from their childhood family reunions, and a fun hobby in their adulthood. 

The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey

The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey

Birds chirping. The sun shining warm and bright. People outside, enjoying these summer months in the great Utah outdoors. Playing Pokemon Go to their hearts content. Summer is a magical time. Which is why we’re spending our “Summer Vacation” in the studio, putting together an exciting series that we think you’ll enjoy. While we’ll always stick with our Utah Foodie format of sitting down with incredible entrepreneurs for interviews and stories, we wanted to introduce a new series called “Utah Foodie Reheated.” These topic focused, produced episodes are an opportunity to focus in on a subject in Utah that deserves a spotlight.

#54: Handle + HSL – Appreciate Tradition

#54: Handle + HSL – Appreciate Tradition

When you interview over 50 different food, coffee, and beverage entrepreneurs over a year, you begin to notice certain trends. They’re all passionate about their craft, feel a calling to create, and want to contribute to a growing community. The aspiration to put Utah on the foodie map can be found in ways big and small. For Briar Handly, the co-owner of Handle and HSL, developing a hyper-local, hyper-seasonal restaurant was one way to help Utah take one giant step forward.

#52: Publik Coffee Roasters – Good Coffee, Great Community


Third wave coffee has arrived in Salt Lake City, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With a focus on local roasting, high-quality beans, and deep and layered flavor, coffee has become more than a reheated pot of Folgers.

One of the most prominent leaders for the third wave coffee revolution is Publik Coffee. The word “Publik” is derived from the Dutch word “Community,” and the feeling of community can be found in every chair, barista, and warm piece of toast. Publik’s dedication to creating a community for coffee lovers of all backgrounds has led to an accelerated expansion into The Avenues and Ninth & Ninth.

On this week’s episode of The Utah Foodie we sit down with Alicia Pacheco, Head Chef of Publik Kitchen, Dylan Sands, Director of Coffee, and Ryan Gee, the Head Roaster of Publik Coffee Roasters. These three have helped execute the mission and vision of Missy Greis, who opened Publik’s doors in 2014. Their commitment to the community extends further than just providing a space for people to gather and collaborate. With a dedication to green energy, local partnerships, and creating a lasting relationship with established neighborhoods.

Join us as we sit down with Alicia, Dylan and Gee, and get an inside look into the history of Publik Coffee Roasters!

This episode was sponsored by…

90.9FM KRCL — Community Connection and Music Discovery

Vive Juicery — A Utah-based cold-pressed juicery

The Chocolate Conspiracy — A project in pure, raw, honey-sweetened chocolate.

Blue Copper Coffee — Specialty coffee hand-roasted in Salt Lake City, with a coffee room at 179 W 900 S.

The Yelp Elite Squad — Utah’s five-star fan club of all things local.

This episode was hosted by Chase Murdock and produced by Ryan Samanka. For more information or to browse our episode archive, visit theutahfoodie.com or follow us on Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter. See you next week!

#37: Millcreek Cacao Roasters – Love is in the Heirloom


Mark DelVecchio and Dana Brewster have always been curious. With Mark's background as an educator and Dana's career as the owner of Millcreek Coffee Roasters, curiosity about the world around them and the food we consume has driven their careers and passions.

When Mark's career brought them to Ethiopia, Dana's research and exploring led to cocoa beans. These delicious cocoa beans inspired Dana, and her coffee roasting background gave her an idea. With big dreams in mind, Dana and Mark dove into artisan chocolate making. What started as a challenge to develop high quality chocolate led to a passionate business that delivers internationally award winning chocolate, from heirloom certified bean growers who are locally sourced and sustainably maintained.

Join us as we learn about Mark and Dana’s fascinating backstory, and travel with them on their chocolate adventure. If there's one thing we learned, it's that love, chocolate, and a sense of adventure lead to great things.

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