#46: Beltex Meats – Sustainability Through Local Sourcing


How we shop for our food has drastically changed over the decades. Originally, each neighborhood offered their local butcher, baker, and growers that offered a variety of seasonal fairs. You knew who you were buying your food from, and dinners were dictated by what could be grown in your region.

As trade increased, transportation improved, and growing methods underwent a radical shift, how we shopped underwent a revolution. No matter the season, all foodstuffs could be found. You no longer knew who was behind the meat and bread counter, and the expertise of our local neighborhood providers became difficult to find.

This lack of personal attention to our food and our shopping is, fortunately, being balanced out by the growing trend of bringing support and attention back to our local providers. With farmers markets blossoming and local stores popping up that cater to individual neighborhoods, the personalization and quality of the food we buy is improving. Nowhere can this be found more abundantly than Beltex Meats, a local butcher shop located at 511 E 900 S.

Founded by Philip Grubisa in 2014, Beltex Meats is a whole animal butcher shop that has one goal in mind: bringing back the neighborhood butcher. Only using animals from local farmers, Philip and his small team make sure that nothing goes to waste. From steak, chops, ground beef, sausages, pot pies, charcuterie boards, and dog treats, Beltex Meats is a butcher shop that brings expertise and sustainability to every product they hand craft.

Join us as we sit down with Philip and learn about the exciting professional and personal adventure he has experienced, and how his childhood led to his love of all things salted meats.

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