mountain west cider

#48: Mountain West Cider – Let There Be Cider!


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the craft scene in Salt Lake City is growing at an impressive rate. With craft breweries and distilleries innovating and influencing the quality of beverage we enjoy in Utah, it’s apparent that Utahans are eager to support and enjoy locally made products. 

Despite the popularity of craft brewing and distilleries, Utah has a very obvious lack of cideries. Cider is the fastest growing beverage market in the country. While a lot of chatter revolves around craft brewing, the amount of cider being consumed in the US has increased by 95% in the last year alone. With the United States Association of Cider Makers established five years ago, the popularity and artisan approach of cider making has grown leaps and bounds.

Jennifer and Jeff Carleton, the owners of Mountain West Cider, are cider lovers who were unimpressed by the available mass market options . They saw the lack of cideries in Utah as a problem, and knew they had the perfect solution. While Jennifer and Jeff had toyed with the idea of potentially opening a bar or restaurant, it was always a dream that they kept on the top shelf for a later date.

But one fateful day an article about cider sparked an idea, and Jennifer and Jeff quickly realized that their dream of owning a business of their own was more possible than they realized. After years of research, planning, and searching, Jennifer and Jeff opened Mountain West Cider in November 2015 at 425 N 400 W.

Join us on this episode of The Utah Foodie as we chat with Jennifer and Jeff about their journey from cider lovers to cidery owners, and learn more about the fascinating history of cider in the US.

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