The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey

The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey

Birds chirping. The sun shining warm and bright. People outside, enjoying these summer months in the great Utah outdoors. Playing Pokemon Go to their hearts content. Summer is a magical time. Which is why we’re spending our “Summer Vacation” in the studio, putting together an exciting series that we think you’ll enjoy. While we’ll always stick with our Utah Foodie format of sitting down with incredible entrepreneurs for interviews and stories, we wanted to introduce a new series called “Utah Foodie Reheated.” These topic focused, produced episodes are an opportunity to focus in on a subject in Utah that deserves a spotlight.

#55: Mama Africa – Smell It, Taste It, Love It

#55: Mama Africa – Smell It, Taste It, Love It

The world is full of beautiful locations, delicious food, and histories that shapes entire cultures. While we can all dream of visiting exotic locations, money and time are very real restraints. Which is a bummer. How do we experience new places and different lifestyles if we can’t afford to do so? That’s where food comes in.

#50: Chedda Burger – Give It Your All, Or Don't Even Try


One week we're celebrating our one year anniversary, the next, we air our 50th episode! When we launched The Utah Foodie our goal was to create a podcast that dove headfirst into the stories of the creators and innovators in Utah's food scene. Every week we've walked away from our interviews full of inspiration and appreciation. This episode, however, truly highlights how important it is to share these emotional and authentic stories.

When Nick Watts founded Chedda Truck, it was more of an online concept than a real company. Working multiple jobs and needing a creative outlet, Nick would stop by the farmers market during his free time to find the perfect ingredients for his homemade grilled cheese creations. His Chedda Truck Twitter account began to grow, and in a moment of generosity, a friend who owned a tattoo parlor offered him an evening to bring his grilled cheese out into the world for some of his customers.

What began as a low-key offer blew up into a frenzy as news of this grilled cheese launch began to spread through popular food blogs and Twitter accounts. Nick originally anticipated a small crowd, but over 250 customers and grilled cheese sandwiches later, it was apparent that this was more than just a casual evening.

And yet, Nick didn't open his food truck for another six months after his initial launch. After soul searching and working a mind numbing job, Nick knew a drastic change was needed. Hence, Chedda Truck became officially official.

What followed his launch was years of lessons learned, generous friends and strangers, and a full-time investment into Chedda Truck and Chedda Burger that was purely driven out of passion and an unwillingness to give up. With a physical location at 26 E 600 S and two food trucks, Nick's ambition and creativity are inspiring, and he offers wisdom and passion that is infectious.


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#48: Mountain West Cider – Let There Be Cider!


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the craft scene in Salt Lake City is growing at an impressive rate. With craft breweries and distilleries innovating and influencing the quality of beverage we enjoy in Utah, it’s apparent that Utahans are eager to support and enjoy locally made products. 

Despite the popularity of craft brewing and distilleries, Utah has a very obvious lack of cideries. Cider is the fastest growing beverage market in the country. While a lot of chatter revolves around craft brewing, the amount of cider being consumed in the US has increased by 95% in the last year alone. With the United States Association of Cider Makers established five years ago, the popularity and artisan approach of cider making has grown leaps and bounds.

Jennifer and Jeff Carleton, the owners of Mountain West Cider, are cider lovers who were unimpressed by the available mass market options . They saw the lack of cideries in Utah as a problem, and knew they had the perfect solution. While Jennifer and Jeff had toyed with the idea of potentially opening a bar or restaurant, it was always a dream that they kept on the top shelf for a later date.

But one fateful day an article about cider sparked an idea, and Jennifer and Jeff quickly realized that their dream of owning a business of their own was more possible than they realized. After years of research, planning, and searching, Jennifer and Jeff opened Mountain West Cider in November 2015 at 425 N 400 W.

Join us on this episode of The Utah Foodie as we chat with Jennifer and Jeff about their journey from cider lovers to cidery owners, and learn more about the fascinating history of cider in the US.

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#46: Beltex Meats – Sustainability Through Local Sourcing


How we shop for our food has drastically changed over the decades. Originally, each neighborhood offered their local butcher, baker, and growers that offered a variety of seasonal fairs. You knew who you were buying your food from, and dinners were dictated by what could be grown in your region.

As trade increased, transportation improved, and growing methods underwent a radical shift, how we shopped underwent a revolution. No matter the season, all foodstuffs could be found. You no longer knew who was behind the meat and bread counter, and the expertise of our local neighborhood providers became difficult to find.

This lack of personal attention to our food and our shopping is, fortunately, being balanced out by the growing trend of bringing support and attention back to our local providers. With farmers markets blossoming and local stores popping up that cater to individual neighborhoods, the personalization and quality of the food we buy is improving. Nowhere can this be found more abundantly than Beltex Meats, a local butcher shop located at 511 E 900 S.

Founded by Philip Grubisa in 2014, Beltex Meats is a whole animal butcher shop that has one goal in mind: bringing back the neighborhood butcher. Only using animals from local farmers, Philip and his small team make sure that nothing goes to waste. From steak, chops, ground beef, sausages, pot pies, charcuterie boards, and dog treats, Beltex Meats is a butcher shop that brings expertise and sustainability to every product they hand craft.

Join us as we sit down with Philip and learn about the exciting professional and personal adventure he has experienced, and how his childhood led to his love of all things salted meats.

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#41: Manoli's – A New Restaurant Reinventing Greek Food, One Small Plate at a Time


If you were to ask an out-of-state visitor what they know about Salt Lake City, they typically default to a few stock answers. Mormonism, Jello, and snow. What many are surprised to learn about is the large and vibrant Greek community that fills the area with art, culture, and delicious food. One such restaurant is Manoli's, a new Greek restaurant that is quickly changing the game for finer Greek cuisine.

You could almost say that Manoli Katsanevas was destined to be a restaurant owner. Growing up he washed and bussed tables at Crown Burgers, the restaurant his family owns and operates that is a staple in the Salt Lake City skyline. After attending culinary school and working at Cafe Niche and Fresco, the idea of creating something on his own began to tickle at Manoli's mind.

Along with his wife Katrina Cutrubus, Manoli started Manoli's Catering. Manoli and Katrina challenged themselves with diving into a variety of cuisines, whether it was casual tailgate food or high-end, plated meals. And while they constantly created and innovated, they stuck true to a few key principles. Fresh ingredients, simple techniques, with a focus on bringing flavor and freshness to the forefront.

These principles guided them, and eventually manifested into Manoli's, a Greek Small Plate Restaurant that opened in September of 2015. Going to their Greek roots, Manoli's offers a high-end Greek dining experience that truly highlights the unique Greek culture one finds in Salt Lake City. With an emphasis on community, sharing, freshness and simplicity, Manoli's brings a much needed Greek dining experience to the area.

Join us as we learn about the journey Manoli and Katrina have taken, and the inspiration and love that went into developing this new neighborhood staple.

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#40: Naked Fish Japanese Bistro – The Flavor is in the Details


When thinking about high-quality, fresh sushi, a restaurant in Utah doesn’t immediately jump to mind. But Johnny Kwon, one of the founders and the owner of Naked Fish Japanese Bistro, is working to dispel that assumption. High-quality, authentic sushi can be found in Salt Lake City, and it will change your expectations about what sushi, and Japanese cuisine, can be.

Before Naked Fish Japanese Bistro arrived on the Salt Lake City food scene in 2009, the Latitude Group owned and operated numerous restaurants throughout Salt Lake City, Park City, and the Wasatch front. Mikado, the first Japanese restaurant in the state, was under their umbrella. After a series of unfortunate legal issues, Mikado and the Latitude Group went under. What was left in the wake were some of the top chefs in the state, and a hole that needed to be filled.

Johnny Kwon and his business partners took on the challenge, and Naked Fish Japanese Bistro was born. Their goal and focus was to  put authentic Japanese cuisine and high-quality food as a priority in all of their decisions. With Akane Nakamura serving as Executive Chef and Sunny Tsogbadrakh as Executive Sushi Chef, Naked Fish places an emphasis on quality and attention to detail both in the front, and back, of the restaurant.

Join us as we learn about the detailed sourcing that goes into the food, beverages, and preparation of every item at Naked Fish, as well as the tips and tricks to eat sushi like a pro.

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#37: Millcreek Cacao Roasters – Love is in the Heirloom


Mark DelVecchio and Dana Brewster have always been curious. With Mark's background as an educator and Dana's career as the owner of Millcreek Coffee Roasters, curiosity about the world around them and the food we consume has driven their careers and passions.

When Mark's career brought them to Ethiopia, Dana's research and exploring led to cocoa beans. These delicious cocoa beans inspired Dana, and her coffee roasting background gave her an idea. With big dreams in mind, Dana and Mark dove into artisan chocolate making. What started as a challenge to develop high quality chocolate led to a passionate business that delivers internationally award winning chocolate, from heirloom certified bean growers who are locally sourced and sustainably maintained.

Join us as we learn about Mark and Dana’s fascinating backstory, and travel with them on their chocolate adventure. If there's one thing we learned, it's that love, chocolate, and a sense of adventure lead to great things.

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