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#50: Chedda Burger – Give It Your All, Or Don't Even Try


One week we're celebrating our one year anniversary, the next, we air our 50th episode! When we launched The Utah Foodie our goal was to create a podcast that dove headfirst into the stories of the creators and innovators in Utah's food scene. Every week we've walked away from our interviews full of inspiration and appreciation. This episode, however, truly highlights how important it is to share these emotional and authentic stories.

When Nick Watts founded Chedda Truck, it was more of an online concept than a real company. Working multiple jobs and needing a creative outlet, Nick would stop by the farmers market during his free time to find the perfect ingredients for his homemade grilled cheese creations. His Chedda Truck Twitter account began to grow, and in a moment of generosity, a friend who owned a tattoo parlor offered him an evening to bring his grilled cheese out into the world for some of his customers.

What began as a low-key offer blew up into a frenzy as news of this grilled cheese launch began to spread through popular food blogs and Twitter accounts. Nick originally anticipated a small crowd, but over 250 customers and grilled cheese sandwiches later, it was apparent that this was more than just a casual evening.

And yet, Nick didn't open his food truck for another six months after his initial launch. After soul searching and working a mind numbing job, Nick knew a drastic change was needed. Hence, Chedda Truck became officially official.

What followed his launch was years of lessons learned, generous friends and strangers, and a full-time investment into Chedda Truck and Chedda Burger that was purely driven out of passion and an unwillingness to give up. With a physical location at 26 E 600 S and two food trucks, Nick's ambition and creativity are inspiring, and he offers wisdom and passion that is infectious.


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