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#28: Communal Restaurant - From Busboy to Restaurateur, Communal grows in Utah Valley


Thank you for joining us on The Utah Foodie! This week we sat down with Colton Soelberg, the founder of Communal Restaurant, located in Provo, Utah. When a busboy job in high school turned into a job as a line cook, Colton quickly realized that cooking and the restaurant industry was more than a stepping block, it was a passion. After working at various restaurants throughout Utah, Colton ended up at the Tree Room in Sundance, where he quickly learned that his cooking skills and knowledge were only at the beginning stages.

After encouragement from the head chef at the Tree Room, Colton found himself cooking in restaurants in New York City and San Francisco. His passion for high quality food brought him back to Utah, where the idea of creating a restaurant of his own flourished into Communal. Delicious food paired with a focus on strengthening and fostering relationships are the two major goals behind Communal, and they have been more than successful.

Join us as we dive into Colton's back story, and hear about the history and future of Communal, the food scene in Utah Valley, and what exciting foodie future lays ahead for Utah as a whole.

Communal Restaurant

(801) 373-8000

102 N. University Ave. Provo, UT 84601

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#26: Food Tips With Foodies | Breakfast & Brunch in Utah


Welcome to The Utah Foodie! On today's episode we sit down with some movers and shakers in Utah who know a thing or two about the best breakfast and brunch spots throughout the state! This episode is the second installment of our monthly series, "Food Tips From Foodies," where we bring in some of Utah's best food critics, chefs, podcasters, and food enthusiasts to talk about everything and anything in the Utah food scene.

Check out our last Food Tips From Foodies where we talk fine dining in Utah.

Today we're joined by Chelsea Nelson and Chris Holifield:

Chelsea Nelson is the founder of food and craft cocktail blog, HeartbeatNosh.com and also heads a local Cocktail Club. Chelsea has always been a writer first and foremost, and after putting herself through college waiting tables in the SLC area, her love for the food and beverage community grew. In 2009, she launched her first food website, Nosh Maven - which later morphed into Heartbeat Nosh. She has loved writing about food and cocktails as the SLC food scene has blown up over the past 5 years, and has found SLC to be a wonderfully collaborative and supportive community for food writers and bloggers. She is a Digital Marketing Director for a local nonprofit by day, and loves spending time with her husband, Russ, and 1 1/2 year old, Clementine.

Chris Holifield is the host and producer of the I am Salt Lake podcast. After helping organize a handful of the very first local instawalks (Instagram meetups) in the summer of 2012 and spending countless hours wandering the streets of SLC trying to showcase the city through photography, he decided to take things up a notch by interviewing people from the Salt Lake City area. With over 3 years of doing the podcast he has interviewed over 200 people from local businesses, art, music, film, and anything else he finds intriguing. The podcast has struck a chord with the locals and has slowly risen to the top of one of the most listened to podcasts along the Wasatch Front. You can find the podcast in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or at www.iamsaltlake.com.

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#23: Fine Dining in Utah - Food Tips From Foodies


Join us on today's program as we sit down with some of Utah's finest foodies to talk about the fine dining scene here in Utah. This episode is the first installment of a new monthly series called "Food Tips From Foodies," where we bring in a few of Utah's best food critics, chefs, podcasters, and general food enthusiasts to talk about a topic related to our food scene.

Today we're joined by food writer Amanda Rock and Jeffrey Steadman, the Community Director of Yelp Salt Lake City:

Amanda Rock is a local food writer. You can find her articles in SLUG Magazine, Devour Utah, Utah Stories and City Weekly. Sometimes she interviews people for SLUG Magazine's podcast, SLUG Soundwaves. She loves cats and anything pumpkin spice. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram. @amanda_eats_slc

Jeffrey Steadman is the Community Director for Yelp Salt Lake City and coordinator of the Yelp Elite Squad, which is kind of like being the president of SLC's biggest fan club. In addition to planning insider events with local businesses, he helps Yelp support great local organizations, posts copious amounts of food pics on Instagram at @yelpslc and is always on the lookout for a great burger. Outside of Yelp, he's a backpacker, camper, hiker, flyfisherman, bread baker and outdoors author. @YelpUtah


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#17: Oteo Restaurant - Finding passion in the food business.


In today’s episode, we sit down with Mosi Oteo: a young restauranteur in Utah Valley. The name Oteo might sound familiar to you — the Oteo’s are a family of 12 who moved from Mexico to San Diego, and eventually to Provo, and are behind many new Utah restaurants like Tortilla Bar, Masa Restaurant, and their latest… Oteo Restaurant.

Mosi grew up watching his father master the kitchen in variety of restaurants and knew he eventually wanted to enter the food business. So when the opportunity was presented for Mosi, his father, and a few siblings to open Tortilla Bar in 2012, they jumped into it and within months turned a run-down former tattoo parlor in South Orem into a trendy, upscale Mexican small restaurant. Their family restaurant took off immediately after they opened their doors.

Over the years Mosi has seen his share of ups and downs. His second food venture, Masa Restaurant, was his first go at a business where he was at the helm. He poured his blood, sweat, and tears into a brand new restaurant and into a brand that he felt would reflect everything he loved about Tortilla Bar, but with his own added flair. But as Mosi explains in the interview, Masa Restaurant did not go well for him. He broke up with his business partners after just a few months, and was left feeling booted out of his dream creation.

So the family re-joined... and just two months later, they launched Oteo Restaurant in June 2014 in Lindon, Utah. If you want a story about passion, perseverance, family, and purpose… here it is: Mosi Oteo with Oteo Restaurant.

In today’s episode our host Chase Murdock sits down with Mosi to talk through his last several years in the Utah food scene. Join us.

Oteo Restaurant www.oteolindon.com 139 S State St, Lindon, UT 84062 801-999-0341

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#10: Black Sheep Cafe - Mark Mason talks Native American cuisine and the Provo food scene


Today we're on the mic with Mark Mason -- the chef behind Black Sheep Cafe in Provo and the new, 6-month old restaurant in SLC, the Blue Poblano. Mark hails from Scottsdale AZ, where he found his love for the kitchen and spent his time after work watching and recording famous chefs on VHS. And the more he started dabbling with cooking, and even throwing private food events for his friends, the more Mark realized he wanted to enter the food business.

So when his sister Bleu Adams approached him in 2010 about a new concept for a restaurant in Provo, Mark came up to Utah from Arizona to help her launch what would soon be Black Sheep Cafe. His time with Black Sheep and Utah in general was intended to be temporary, but now almost four years later they're still hard at work and already on their second restaurant.

Mark Mason and Bleu Adams are half Navajo and half Mandan Hidatsa, and much of Mark's passion and inspiration for his food is drawn from his memories of his great grandmother cooking early in the morning in their Navajo Hogan on a reservation, and creating dishes like blue corn mush, a fine grind of a blue corn meal boiled like porridge and garnished with cedar or juniper ash to give a small smokey taste.

Today, Mark strives to incorporate Native American cooking tradition and food with an American take, in hopes that we see a resurgence of indigenous food in our food scene.

Join us for a great conversation that takes us through all of this and more with Mark Mason of Black Sheep Cafe and our host Chase Murdock.

Black Sheep Cafe www.blacksheepcafe.com/ (801) 607 2485 19 N University Ave. Provo, Utah 84601

Blue Poblano www.facebook.com/bluepoblano (801) 883-9078 473 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102


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