Utah Mexican Food

#17: Oteo Restaurant - Finding passion in the food business.


In today’s episode, we sit down with Mosi Oteo: a young restauranteur in Utah Valley. The name Oteo might sound familiar to you — the Oteo’s are a family of 12 who moved from Mexico to San Diego, and eventually to Provo, and are behind many new Utah restaurants like Tortilla Bar, Masa Restaurant, and their latest… Oteo Restaurant.

Mosi grew up watching his father master the kitchen in variety of restaurants and knew he eventually wanted to enter the food business. So when the opportunity was presented for Mosi, his father, and a few siblings to open Tortilla Bar in 2012, they jumped into it and within months turned a run-down former tattoo parlor in South Orem into a trendy, upscale Mexican small restaurant. Their family restaurant took off immediately after they opened their doors.

Over the years Mosi has seen his share of ups and downs. His second food venture, Masa Restaurant, was his first go at a business where he was at the helm. He poured his blood, sweat, and tears into a brand new restaurant and into a brand that he felt would reflect everything he loved about Tortilla Bar, but with his own added flair. But as Mosi explains in the interview, Masa Restaurant did not go well for him. He broke up with his business partners after just a few months, and was left feeling booted out of his dream creation.

So the family re-joined... and just two months later, they launched Oteo Restaurant in June 2014 in Lindon, Utah. If you want a story about passion, perseverance, family, and purpose… here it is: Mosi Oteo with Oteo Restaurant.

In today’s episode our host Chase Murdock sits down with Mosi to talk through his last several years in the Utah food scene. Join us.

Oteo Restaurant www.oteolindon.com 139 S State St, Lindon, UT 84062 801-999-0341

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#14: Rico Brand & Frida Bistro - Mexican Food & The American Dream


Jorge Fierro has an incredible story. He left university in Chihuahua, Mexico in his early twenties to start a new life chapter in the United States, despite his parents' desire to have him complete his studies at law school to become an attorney.

When he arrived in America, he spent his nights on the streets and in homeless shelters while he learned English and struggled to find a way to make ends meet. His first job was herding sheep in rural Wyoming, before he finally made his way to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ten years later, in 1985, Jorge opened Rico Brand -- a small pinto bean distributor bent on bringing authentic Mexican Food to to the United States. Slowly, Rico evolved. First, as a market in downtown Salt Lake City where he made authentic, fresh, ready-to-eat Mexican food that he sold to customers who came by his store or stopped by his booth at the Farmer's Market. A few years in, he finally caught his big break when a Smith's executive contacted him with an inquiry to carry his food in one of their stores. And the rest is history.

Today, Rico Brand is a multi-million dollar success story located in the Granary District with a large manufacturing and distributing arm and sister company, Frida Bistro, that serves up high-end, creative Mexican Cuisine in a sit-down, fine dining environment.

On today's show we hear from Jorge firsthand to his story about his pursuit of the American Dream, starting a food distributing company, and eventually launching a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City.

Rico Brand www.ricobrand.com

Frida Bistro www.fridabistro.com 801-983-6692 545 W 700 S, Salt Lake City

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