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#52: Publik Coffee Roasters – Good Coffee, Great Community


Third wave coffee has arrived in Salt Lake City, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With a focus on local roasting, high-quality beans, and deep and layered flavor, coffee has become more than a reheated pot of Folgers.

One of the most prominent leaders for the third wave coffee revolution is Publik Coffee. The word “Publik” is derived from the Dutch word “Community,” and the feeling of community can be found in every chair, barista, and warm piece of toast. Publik’s dedication to creating a community for coffee lovers of all backgrounds has led to an accelerated expansion into The Avenues and Ninth & Ninth.

On this week’s episode of The Utah Foodie we sit down with Alicia Pacheco, Head Chef of Publik Kitchen, Dylan Sands, Director of Coffee, and Ryan Gee, the Head Roaster of Publik Coffee Roasters. These three have helped execute the mission and vision of Missy Greis, who opened Publik’s doors in 2014. Their commitment to the community extends further than just providing a space for people to gather and collaborate. With a dedication to green energy, local partnerships, and creating a lasting relationship with established neighborhoods.

Join us as we sit down with Alicia, Dylan and Gee, and get an inside look into the history of Publik Coffee Roasters!

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