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#34: Three Pines Coffee - Salt Lake City’s Newest Coffee Shop

A new coffee shop is coming to town, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, and they’re called Three Pines Coffee. Three Pines will be joining the ranks of a small handful of specialty coffee shops in the downtown area, where the coffee and espresso is expensive, but brewed with love from higher-quality beans and served-up by well-trained baristas who are passionate about providing a great coffee experience.

Three Pines Coffee opens in early January, next to the restaurant From Scratch, located on the south end of the Gallivan Center. It’s the passion project of Meg Frampton and Nick Price, who recently moved back to Utah after spending time in Los Angeles, before realizing that their home state of Utah would be the perfect place for their boutique coffee shop concept that would fulfill their newfound calling to run a coffee shop.
On today’s program we bring in Three Pines Coffee’s founders to talk about their inspiration for their coffee shop and what they feel they have to offer to Salt Lake City’s coffee scene. We also learn about Nick Price’s rich experience as a barista, starting humbly at Beans & Brews before working at one of LA’s most respected coffee shops, Handsome Coffee. Last year, he competed in the US Barista Championship, and on the program he shares stories from that competition and insight on what makes a great barista and how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.
Meg Frampton is a barista-in-training, but shares her love for design and her hopes for creating an atmosphere at Three Pines Coffee that attracts coffee enthusiasts and provides a great experience. Meg also tells us what we can expect when they open their doors in early January.
Tune in to learn about Salt Lake City’s newest coffee shop, Three Pines Coffee.
Three Pines Coffee
62 E Gallivan Ave, SLC
Instagram: @threepinescoffee
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#17: Oteo Restaurant - Finding passion in the food business.


In today’s episode, we sit down with Mosi Oteo: a young restauranteur in Utah Valley. The name Oteo might sound familiar to you — the Oteo’s are a family of 12 who moved from Mexico to San Diego, and eventually to Provo, and are behind many new Utah restaurants like Tortilla Bar, Masa Restaurant, and their latest… Oteo Restaurant.

Mosi grew up watching his father master the kitchen in variety of restaurants and knew he eventually wanted to enter the food business. So when the opportunity was presented for Mosi, his father, and a few siblings to open Tortilla Bar in 2012, they jumped into it and within months turned a run-down former tattoo parlor in South Orem into a trendy, upscale Mexican small restaurant. Their family restaurant took off immediately after they opened their doors.

Over the years Mosi has seen his share of ups and downs. His second food venture, Masa Restaurant, was his first go at a business where he was at the helm. He poured his blood, sweat, and tears into a brand new restaurant and into a brand that he felt would reflect everything he loved about Tortilla Bar, but with his own added flair. But as Mosi explains in the interview, Masa Restaurant did not go well for him. He broke up with his business partners after just a few months, and was left feeling booted out of his dream creation.

So the family re-joined... and just two months later, they launched Oteo Restaurant in June 2014 in Lindon, Utah. If you want a story about passion, perseverance, family, and purpose… here it is: Mosi Oteo with Oteo Restaurant.

In today’s episode our host Chase Murdock sits down with Mosi to talk through his last several years in the Utah food scene. Join us.

Oteo Restaurant 139 S State St, Lindon, UT 84062 801-999-0341

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