Mediterranean Food

#41: Manoli's – A New Restaurant Reinventing Greek Food, One Small Plate at a Time


If you were to ask an out-of-state visitor what they know about Salt Lake City, they typically default to a few stock answers. Mormonism, Jello, and snow. What many are surprised to learn about is the large and vibrant Greek community that fills the area with art, culture, and delicious food. One such restaurant is Manoli's, a new Greek restaurant that is quickly changing the game for finer Greek cuisine.

You could almost say that Manoli Katsanevas was destined to be a restaurant owner. Growing up he washed and bussed tables at Crown Burgers, the restaurant his family owns and operates that is a staple in the Salt Lake City skyline. After attending culinary school and working at Cafe Niche and Fresco, the idea of creating something on his own began to tickle at Manoli's mind.

Along with his wife Katrina Cutrubus, Manoli started Manoli's Catering. Manoli and Katrina challenged themselves with diving into a variety of cuisines, whether it was casual tailgate food or high-end, plated meals. And while they constantly created and innovated, they stuck true to a few key principles. Fresh ingredients, simple techniques, with a focus on bringing flavor and freshness to the forefront.

These principles guided them, and eventually manifested into Manoli's, a Greek Small Plate Restaurant that opened in September of 2015. Going to their Greek roots, Manoli's offers a high-end Greek dining experience that truly highlights the unique Greek culture one finds in Salt Lake City. With an emphasis on community, sharing, freshness and simplicity, Manoli's brings a much needed Greek dining experience to the area.

Join us as we learn about the journey Manoli and Katrina have taken, and the inspiration and love that went into developing this new neighborhood staple.

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#9: Spitz - All about the Döner Kebab & Mediterranean street food + a new Sugarhouse location!


After traveling all over Europe, Tanner Slizeski and Josh Hill weren't struck by the art or by the architecture. It wasn't the history, or any of the museums that kept Tanner and Josh up at night. It was the Mediterranean street food. Specifically, it was the döner kebab: the food cart staple made with beef and lamb cut off a marinated spit.

In fact, one of Spitz's owners even jumped in a river in Amsterdam off of a bet when his friend told him a döner kebab was on the line. And that's how Spitz was born: two young and fanatical Turkish food lovers set on bringing it to Utah with an American take, good local beer, and a great atmosphere.

In October 2013, Spitz opened its doors right downtown on 35 E Broadway and today they are one of Salt Lake City's busiest lunch destinations and late-night stops for dinner and a beer. On our show they announce a second location in Sugarhouse, talk about how they got the restaurant started, address their previously criticized wait times on their food, and told us where they're headed in the future.

Join us for a fun episode all about European street food and getting to know Josh and Tanner, the fun duo behind Utah's Spitz restaurant.


Spitz SLC

35 E Broadway, SLC


Spitz Sugarhouse

1201 East Wilmington Ave, SLC

Coming in July 2015

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