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#28: Communal Restaurant - From Busboy to Restaurateur, Communal grows in Utah Valley


Thank you for joining us on The Utah Foodie! This week we sat down with Colton Soelberg, the founder of Communal Restaurant, located in Provo, Utah. When a busboy job in high school turned into a job as a line cook, Colton quickly realized that cooking and the restaurant industry was more than a stepping block, it was a passion. After working at various restaurants throughout Utah, Colton ended up at the Tree Room in Sundance, where he quickly learned that his cooking skills and knowledge were only at the beginning stages.

After encouragement from the head chef at the Tree Room, Colton found himself cooking in restaurants in New York City and San Francisco. His passion for high quality food brought him back to Utah, where the idea of creating a restaurant of his own flourished into Communal. Delicious food paired with a focus on strengthening and fostering relationships are the two major goals behind Communal, and they have been more than successful.

Join us as we dive into Colton's back story, and hear about the history and future of Communal, the food scene in Utah Valley, and what exciting foodie future lays ahead for Utah as a whole.

Communal Restaurant

(801) 373-8000

102 N. University Ave. Provo, UT 84601

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