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#29: Waffle Love – Build a truck and they will come


When Adam Terry founded Waffle Love in 2012, it was more than a labor of love. It was a dire necessity. With a family to support, bills to pay, and no other options, launching their unique and delicious waffle food truck was fundamental.

Three years, six trucks, and two restaurants later, Waffle Love has grown into a thriving business that continually sells delicious, mouth watering food. With an appearance on The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, locations in Arizona, and more trucks and restaurants arriving within the next few months, you could say Adam's passion and dedication has worked out.

While many people dream of opening their own restaurant or cooking for a living, many tend to shy away from the gamble that comes from such a competitive industry. But with positivity, hard work, passion, and 110% commitment, finding success is more than achievable. It's possible to get bigger than you ever dared to dream.

Join us on The Utah Foodie as we sit down with Adam, hear his outstanding story, and dive into his infectious passion that will inspire you to tackle all your dreams.

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#27: Rubadue's Saucey Skillet - Food Trucks, Catering, & Hospital Food


Carl Rubadue has spent over 40 years in the food business, so you can say he’s been around the block here in Utah and around the food scene. He got his start at the Mariposa restaurant at Deer Valley resort in 1981. He’s since worked for a variety of resorts and catering services, cutting his teeth in kitchens all across the Western US.

A few years ago, Carl Rubadue started his own catering service — Rubadue’s Saucey Skillet. If it sounds familiar, it's probably because you’ve seen his food trucks around Salt Lake Valley or Park City. Saucey Skillet's food truck can be found at "Food Truck Thursdays" at the Gallivan Center, the Utah Beer Festival, or the Twilight Concert Series, and a variety of other places around the state.

In addition to his catering and food truck business, Carl offers cooking lessons through Saucey Skillet Academy.

On today's program we talk with Carl Rubadue about the growth Utah is seeing in its food scene, his time as executive chef of the University of Utah hospital, and his latest venture in food -- a kitchen no wheels. Tune in.

Rubadue's Saucey Skillet

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#16: Station 22 Cafe - Putting a twist on Provo's thriving food scene


Station 22 is a popular Utah Valley restaurant right in the center of historic downtown Provo. They call themselves a "finer diner" -- a restaurant that doesn't do anything you've never heard of... just classic staples, comfort food and soul food of America, but always with a twist.

In fact, everything at Station 22 seems to have a twist. The menu, the ambiance, the fully-stocked soda bar, their sage-fried chicken and waffles...

In today's episode we sit down with Jacob Edwards, the general manager and executive chef of the 5-year old restaurant to talk about his history in the food business, Station 22's starting story, and the Provo food scene in general.

Tune in for a great conversation that takes us through all of this and more with Jacob Edwards of Station 22 Cafe and our host Chase Murdock.

Station 22 Cafe (801) 607-1803 22 W Center Street, Provo UT

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