#62: Penny Ann's Cafe – From New York With Love... and Pancakes


The three most important things in life are Family, Friends, and Food. You can determine what order those come in for you. We think our priority is pretty obvious (I still love you mom). But for the owners of Penny Ann's Cafe the love of food and family became more than just a list of priorities. It became their entire life.

Paul, Warren, Penny Ann and Cindy are all members of the close-knit Willey family, and moved to Utah by way of New York. They grew up around food and were more than familiar with the important role a family-style, comfortable, relaxing restaurant has in a community. After re-locating to Utah and gaining experience in the Utah food scene, the Willey team knew that a family establishment serving delicious, consistent, mouth-watering food was desperately needed. From there, Penny Ann's Cafe was born.

Opening their doors in June 2011 the original location at 1810 Main St., the owners instantly became a popular breakfast and lunch destination. While their entire menu is delicious, they quickly made a statement with their heavenly hot cakes. Before they knew it, demand was so high that they had to expand. And expand they have, all throughout Salt Lake County.

Join us on this episode as we chat with Paul, Warren, Cindy and the namesake herself Penny Ann about their restaurant journey, and their secret to how they work together as a family and as business partners.

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