#22: Laziz Foods - Nothing lazy about this hummus

Our guest today is Moudi Sbeity, co-owner of Laziz Foods.
Laziz is a local maker of Middle Eastern spreads like their popular hummus, muhammara, and toum garlic sauce that can be found in a variety of local grocery stores like Whole Foods and Liberty Heights Fresh.

Moudi grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, a country known for food of incredible spices and flavors -- and of course, their hummus. Hummus in Lebanon is much like salsa in Mexico: it's everywhere, and can be used in a variety of dishes and is served with almost every meal.
So when Moudi moved to Logan, Utah from Lebanon and couldn't find any good hummus, he set off to make his own. He and his partner Derek Kitchen began sharing their homemade hummus with friends, who eventually convinced them to start re-purposing cream cheese containers and buy their own packaging to start selling their new spread.
Today, several years later, Laziz sells their hummus in over 15 grocery stores, and are just a few weeks away from breaking ground on Laziz Kitchen, a new chapter and extension for their business: a deli in the central ninth district in downtown Salt Lake City. They have plans to open next year.
Join us on today's episode as we sit down with Moudi Sbety to hear his entrepreneurial journey in the food business, making hummus.
Laziz Foods

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