#10: Black Sheep Cafe - Mark Mason talks Native American cuisine and the Provo food scene


Today we're on the mic with Mark Mason -- the chef behind Black Sheep Cafe in Provo and the new, 6-month old restaurant in SLC, the Blue Poblano. Mark hails from Scottsdale AZ, where he found his love for the kitchen and spent his time after work watching and recording famous chefs on VHS. And the more he started dabbling with cooking, and even throwing private food events for his friends, the more Mark realized he wanted to enter the food business.

So when his sister Bleu Adams approached him in 2010 about a new concept for a restaurant in Provo, Mark came up to Utah from Arizona to help her launch what would soon be Black Sheep Cafe. His time with Black Sheep and Utah in general was intended to be temporary, but now almost four years later they're still hard at work and already on their second restaurant.

Mark Mason and Bleu Adams are half Navajo and half Mandan Hidatsa, and much of Mark's passion and inspiration for his food is drawn from his memories of his great grandmother cooking early in the morning in their Navajo Hogan on a reservation, and creating dishes like blue corn mush, a fine grind of a blue corn meal boiled like porridge and garnished with cedar or juniper ash to give a small smokey taste.

Today, Mark strives to incorporate Native American cooking tradition and food with an American take, in hopes that we see a resurgence of indigenous food in our food scene.

Join us for a great conversation that takes us through all of this and more with Mark Mason of Black Sheep Cafe and our host Chase Murdock.

Black Sheep Cafe www.blacksheepcafe.com/ (801) 607 2485 19 N University Ave. Provo, Utah 84601

Blue Poblano www.facebook.com/bluepoblano (801) 883-9078 473 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102


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