The Utah Foodie Reheated: Utah's Coffee Journey


Birds chirping. The sun shining warm and bright. People outside, enjoying these summer months in the great Utah outdoors. Playing Pokemon Go to their hearts content. Summer is a magical time. Which is why we’re spending our “Summer Vacation” in the studio, putting together an exciting series that we think you’ll enjoy. While we’ll always stick with our Utah Foodie format of sitting down with incredible entrepreneurs for interviews and stories, we wanted to introduce a new series called “Utah Foodie Reheated.” These topic focused, produced episodes are an opportunity to focus in on a subject in Utah that deserves a spotlight.

Even though this series is an occasional treat, it’s a great opportunity for us to reflect on the Utah food scene and dive into the Who’s, What’s, When’s, Where’s, Why’s, and How’s of the passionate and creative foodies who are changing the Utah landscape.

This week we’re going all in on coffee. The great nectar of the gods. Coffee and Utah have a very unique relationship, which makes its rising popularity all the more impressive. As local, high-quality shops open, the standard of what a good cup of coffee is has also undergone a revolution. This all boils down to the philosophy of third wave coffee, the next level to the ever refined and perfected coffee process.

Join us as we hear from the experts at Blue Copper, Publik Coffee, 3 Cups Coffee, Three Pines Coffee, and Watchtower Cafe. While all of these businesses are connected by a common thread, they all offer their own unique and personalized touch, philosophy, and feel to a coffee experience.

All these experts were previous guests on The Utah Foodie.

  • Blue Copper was one of the first guests of The Utah Foodie, and Patrick Andrews has established himself as a coffee roasting expert in our community.
  • Publik Coffee now has three locations within Salt Lake City, and joined us on episode #52 of The Utah Foodie.
  • 3 Cups Coffee joined us right after they opened their doors in Holladay, UT, and were on episode #5.
  • Three Pines Coffee is located in the revitalized Gallivan Plaza, and were our guests on episode  #34.
  • Featured on episode #45, Watchtower Cafe has brought a fun and funky feel to the rapidly growing area along State Street.


This episode was sponsored by…

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The Chocolate Conspiracy — A project in pure, raw, honey-sweetened chocolate.

Maddox Restaurant — Featuring completely from scratch recipes in Perry, UT. since 1949, sourced and crafted from the finest ingredients available.

Beltex Meats — A small butcher shop utilizing local meats and sustainable practices. Specializing in the craft of whole animal butchery at 511E 900S

This episode was hosted by Chase Murdock and produced by Ryan Samanka. For more information or to browse our episode archive, visit or follow us on Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter. See you next week!