The Utah Foodie Reheated: The Future Of Chocolate Is In... Utah?


If we were to ask you what the artisan chocolate capital of the United States was, what would you guess? New York? Los Angeles? Well, since this is called The Utah Foodie, you would be correct in guessing that Utah is the craft chocolate hotspot of the country. The folks at Saveur seem to think so, and we’re very much inclined to agree.

This week on The Utah Foodie Reheated we dive into the blossoming craft chocolate scene that can be found in Utah. We’ll explore why chocolate in Utah is gaining such popularity, the process of how a simple cacao bean can turn into delicious chocolate, and what artisan chocolatiers have learned through their wild and delicious chocolate journey. With insight from the founders of The Chocolate Conspiracy, Millcreek Cacao, Solstice Chocolate, and Caputo’s Market, we receive a Master Class on what chocolate means for Utah.

All these experts were previous guests on The Utah Foodie.

  • The Chocolate Conspiracy was featured on Episode #15 of The Utah Foodie, and was founded by AJ Wentworth, who was looking for a radical way to make the chocolate we love a little more healthy.
  • Millcreek Cacao Roasters was featured on Episode #35 of The Utah Foodie. Millcreek Cacao Roasters was born out of an experience in Ethiopia that changed Mark DelVecchio and Dana Brewster’s world.
  • Solstice Chocolate was featured on Episode #32, and was founded by DeAnn and Scott Querry as a solution to their passion project. They loved to make chocolate and give it to friends, but a person can only eat so much.
  • Tony Caputo and Caputo’s Market were featured on Episode #18 of The Utah Foodie. Caputo’s has made a name for itself as the go-to location for local, artisan, high-quality food and beverages. There’s a reason they’re helping guide our developing craft chocolate scene.  

This episode was sponsored by…

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The Chocolate Conspiracy — A project in pure, raw, honey-sweetened chocolate.

Maddox Restaurant — Featuring completely from scratch recipes in Perry, UT. since 1949, sourced and crafted from the finest ingredients available.

Beltex Meats — A small butcher shop utilizing local meats and sustainable practices. Specializing in the craft of whole animal butchery at 511E 900S

This episode was hosted by Chase Murdock and produced by Ryan Samanka. For more information or to browse our episode archive, visit or follow us onFacebook,Instagram, or Twitter. See you next week!