#56 – Project Pineapple: Vacation In A Pineapple


While Utah is known for its premier snow, many people don’t quite realize is that the majority of the state is a desert. Which means it gets hot. Really hot. And while we find ways to enjoy the warm and sunny days, the need for a cold treat is frequent. And as the saying goes, when you stumble upon a lemonade stand, put shaved ice in a pineapple.

Adam Malmborg was destined to be an entrepreneur. His mind was always running with ideas, and his creativity and problem solving needed to be free from the confines of the 9-5 grind. One day while wandering at a market he stumbled upon a lemonade stand that had a long, winding line. Adam was blown away by people’s commitment to buy a $7 lemonade in the summer sun, and his mind began to race. What other cold, delicious treats could be provided?

After brainstorming, joking, and some divine fruit intervention, the Pineapple Project was born.Pineapple Project was launched in 2013, and is known for uniquely serving shaved ice in a whole pineapple. Found at the Beer Festival, Park Silly, the Twilight Concert Series, and more, this unique food stand has slowly but surely made an impression. It even won a City Weekly Best of Utah award in 2014!

What followed their initial launch in 2013 became years of exploration, lessons learned, and thousands of pineapples served. With an exciting future ahead, Adam and Project Pineapple are the perfect example that the entrepreneurial spirit in Utah is flourishing. Join us on this episode of The Utah Foodie!

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