#43: Uinta Brewing Company – It All Comes Back To The Beer


Uinta Brewing Company opened their doors in 1993 with the sole focus on craft brewing – no pubs or bars, just outstanding beer. Salt Lake City wasn’t known as a brewing mecca, and previous breweries had all opened with a restaurant attached. To outsiders it seemed like co-founders Will Hamill and Dell Vance were taking a big risk. But they had an ace up their sleeve: they knew how to make really, really good beer.

What originally began as Great Basin Brewing took root in a rented out mechanical shop with three primary beers. Cutthroat, Golden Spike, and Kings Peak. These three “founding beers” helped Uinta grow throughout the local Salt Lake City and Utah market, and led to a slow and steady expansion.

In 2010, the craft brew market exploded. What was originally a hobby and passion for a small niche of the beer drinking market suddenly became a national obsession, and Uinta’s shadow loomed over the competition. They were in the craft brew market before such a market truly existed, and they had the skill, expertise, and consistency to show how craft beer was meant to be done. 23 years, 30 or so beers, and thousands of stores later, Uinta Brewing Company has grown to be the 38th largest craft brewing company in the country. 

Will Hamill joins us on the podcast today to share the passionate and unique beginnings of Uinta Brewing Company. His love for the environment and flavorful brews have led to a sustainably run company that operates within strict Utah liquor laws with a swift and nimble creativity. Join us. 

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