#76: Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade - It's All Gravy... and Limeade

Photo courtesy of Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

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About the Episode

Like many great food businesses in our state, Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade began at the Farmer's Market. But before Sweet Lake opened its doors, owner and founder Hasen Cone was working a corporate job in a cubicle, and he wasn't satisfied with his work.

In today's episode of The Utah Foodie, Hasen shares the turning point in his career, and the story of a wise, elderly woman who inspired his founding of what would later become one of the most successful vendors at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market. 

Several years later, Hasen and his wife Teri Rosquist are not only running a bustling farmer's market business, but also operate a successful Utah brunch spot that serves up Hasen's now famous Limeade, along with a full breakfast and lunch menu. 

The menu of the restaurant is also the story of my life. There’s really a life story that comes from every item on the menu.
— Hasen Cone, Owner and Founder of Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade

This episode of The Utah Foodie was hosted by Chase Murdock and produced by Ryan Samanka. For more episodes, visit our episode archive, and stay current on new episodes by following us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

54 W 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Photo courtesy of Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade