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Episode #42: Chapul – Eat Crickets For A Better Future

Patrick Crowley doesn’t have a typical start in the food industry. With a background in water conservation, a majority of Patrick’s professional career was dedicated to hydrology and analyzing water resources. This passion led to the discovery of a TED talk by Marcel Dicke titled “Why Not Eat Insects?” This talk ignited a thought in Patrick’s head that couldn’t be squashed. Was there a more sustainable way to get our protein?

Episode #39: Beehive Cheese – Have Your Cheese and Eat it Too

When life gives you an opportunity, you have two choices. Either ignore it, or go all in. For Pat Ford, life’s opportunity came in the form of a mid-life crisis. After a successful career as a real estate developer, the energy and excitement that came from his job began to disappear. The constant pressure of deadlines, demanding bosses and commuting kept adding up, and Pat was in need of a change.

Episode 36: Amour Spreads – “And so we said, let’s make jam!”

Amour is the French word for love, and that’s the perfect way to describe how the local jam company Amour Spreads began. It was in 2011 that John and Casee Francis were looking to start a new chapter in life. They felt they were in a rut with their careers and needed a change, or as they say in the episode… they wanted a sign: something that would signal to them what their next life chapter had in store for them.

Episode 21: Amy Riolo – Building Bridges Through Global Cuisine

On the show today, we’re joined by Amy Riolo — award-winning author, chef, TV personality, cuisine and culture expert, and educator who makes frequent appearances on television and radio programs in the United States and abroad, including Fox Television, CBS, The Travel Channel, Martha Stewart Living Radio, WHYY, and now… the popular podcast that is The Utah Foodie.

Episode 12: Chase Murdock | The Utah Foodie on the I Am Salt Lake Podcast

This is a re-broadcast of I Am Salt Lake episode #175 where Chris Holifield interviews our very own, Chase Murdock — host of The Utah Foodie. Chase talks about why he started The Utah Foodie, we get to know some of his history and background, and Chris and Chase talk about the trend of podcasting and where their own shows are headed. Tune in.