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Episode #50: Chedda Burger – Give It Your All, Or Don’t Even Try

One week we’re celebrating our one year anniversary, the next, we air our 50th episode! When we launched The Utah Foodie our goal was to create a podcast that dove headfirst into the stories of the creators and innovators in Utah’s food scene. Every week we’ve walked away from our interviews full of inspiration and appreciation. This episode, however, truly highlights how important it is to share these emotional and authentic stories.

Episode 27: Rubadue’s Saucey Skillet – Food Trucks, Catering, & Hospital Food

Carl Rubadue has spent over 40 years in the food business, so you can say he’s been around the block here in Utah and around the food scene. He got his start at the Mariposa restaurant at Deer Valley resort in 1981. He’s since worked for a variety of resorts and catering services, cutting his teeth in kitchens all across the Western US.