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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Episode 12: Chase Murdock | The Utah Foodie on the I Am Salt Lake Podcast

This is a re-broadcast of I Am Salt Lake episode #175 where Chris Holifield interviews our very own, Chase Murdock — host of The Utah Foodie. Chase talks about why he started The Utah Foodie, we get to know some of his history and background, and Chris and Chase talk about the trend of podcasting and where their own shows are headed. Tune in.

Episode 10: Black Sheep Cafe – Mark Mason talks Native American cuisine and the Provo food scene

Today we’re on the mic with Mark Mason — the chef behind Black Sheep Cafe in Provo and the new, 6-month old restaurant in SLC, the Blue Poblano.

Mark hails from Scottsdale AZ, where he found his love for the kitchen and spent his time after work watching and recording famous chefs on VHS. And the more he started dabbling with cooking, and even throwing private food events for his friends, the more Mark realized he wanted to enter the food business.

Episode 9: Spitz – All about the Döner Kebab & Mediterranean street food + a new Sugarhouse location!

After traveling all over Europe, Tanner Slizeski and Josh Hill weren’t struck by the art or by the architecture. It wasn’t the history, or any of the museums that kept Tanner and Josh up at night. It was the Mediterranean street food. Specifically, it was the döner kebab: the food cart staple made with beef and lamb cut off a marinated spit.

Episode 8: Avenues Proper – Andrew Tendick & Liam Connelly talk craft beer, great patios, and good food.

Avenues Proper: A staple for those in the Avenues neighborhood… and a worthy destination for those who aren’t. Nestled up on 376 8th Ave, it’s quaint, it’s friendly, and they serve up great craft beer with an equally impressive food menu. And in our opinion, they’ve got one of the best patios around in the summertime.